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Campden Hill
Lawn Tennis Club

The Club prides itself on its friendly and informal atmosphere, welcoming
newcomers and encouraging members to socialise as well as play tennis.

Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club

Privately-owned tennis club in the heart of London 

The Club was founded in 1884 soon after the first Wimbledon Championships and is situated on Campden Hill in Kensington. The Club has twelve courts, six outdoor and six indoor as well as a practice court and a Clubhouse with bar and restaurant. The Club is non-profit making, owned by its Members and run for the benefit of its 1,600 strong Membership.

A Committee of nine Members has overall responsibility for the Club, with a Club Manager, Duty Managers, bar and catering staff and a groundsman. The Club prides itself on its friendly and informal atmosphere and encouraging Members to socialise as well as play tennis.

Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club The Club’s constitution is set out in the Club’s Articles of Association, which is available for inspection at the Club’s office and online. This deals with, amongst other things, the conduct of the Club’s meetings, the nomination and election of the Committee and its powers.

In addition to friendliness and informality, the cardinal features of the Club are:
• Proficiency at tennis is required for full playing and voting membership
• Courts may only be booked at peak times
• Members are encouraged to "cut-in" and play with others of a similar standard
• There is no payment for playing (additional to subscriptions) other than for booked courts and for entering certain Club competitions.


We are currently not accepting applications for Membership to the Club for any type of membership or the waiting list. We will update you once applications are open again.

Club history

The Club was founded in 1884, just seven years after the first Wimbledon Championships were held and is believed to be one of the earliest ever clubs to be founded solely for lawn tennis. Originally all the twelve courts were outside and with hard playing surfaces. There was a full-time caretaker called Mr Zilwood who lived at one of the Club's cottages with his daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. In the summer, Zilwood's daughter used to prepare refreshments and for a shilling you could buy a cup of tea, two biscuits and a rock cake. The choice has increased substantially since then but the value remains as good as ever.

Zilwood died around the time of the outbreak of the Second World War and was succeeded by a Mr Mann who also worked as an air raid warden. Since the Club was on top of Campden Hill, and occupying the highest ground in the immediate area, during the War an anti-aircraft gun was stationed on one of the tennis courts, but with classic British tradition this didn’t stop the Members from playing around the gun station, although during an actual air raid they would reluctantly agree to play a let and resume after the bombing stopped.

Some time after the war, it was decided to employ a full-time manager and to modernise the Club buildings. Various improvements were made over the course of the next few decades. Finally, between 2001 and 2002, the Club was extensively refurbished and the twelve outdoor courts were turned into six indoor and six outdoor courts. The Club now boasts some of the finest and most sought after tennis facilities in London.


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Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club
9 Aubrey Walk
W8 7 JH
London, UK


Phone: 020 7727 4050